>Street® models are the newest chasis addition to the Harley-Davidson line-up. They are available in 500cc and 750cc Revolution X liquid cooled motors as well as 6-speed transmissions.


>Sportsters® are lightweight 883cc and 1200cc models with style and class. The Sportster® family is the longest running Harley-Davidson® family in production. A narrow frame, low seats, and agile handling are some of the features you will find in this group.


>The Dyna® lineage dates back to the 1971 Dyna® Glide Sturgis™ model with plenty of legroom for your own custom vision. These stylish machines can handle every epic journey you want to take them on.


>If you are looking for a Classic ride the Softail® family is for you. The Softail® chassis is styled after vintgage hardtail frames of the past. The hidden suspension and horseshoe oil tank gives them their old-school appeal.


>If you are in it for the long haul, you'll see how going the distance with a touring motorcycle makes all the difference. From the stiff backbone to the four-point engine isolation system and plenty of luggage space, the touring models put style and ultimate comfort to the forefront of its competitors.

Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO®)

>Custom Vehicle Operations™ models are the ultimate expression of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. They are machines designed with no constraints and with no "what if's." The CVO™ is the best of the best, in every respect imaginable.


>Being the third wheel is never a bad thing, expecially when it's leading the charge on the front end of a Harley-Davidson® Tri Glide® motorcycle. Based on the luxuray and comfort of the Touring motorcycles, this top dog is packed with all the syle and amenities that you would want to take on the road.


>If you like living life in the fast lance, you'll know all about the notoriety of the V-Rod® motorcycles blast power and performance from every throw of the throttle and look great doing it.